The comfort and healing qualities of a good massage are probably as old as any human gathering.


Benefits can include relief from chronic tension patterns, greater relaxation and ease of movement, increased tissue vitality through enhanced circulation of blood and lymph fluids as well as energetic "chi", and an overall, general sense of  "coming home" to your inner sense of well being.

My massages are best described with a little history:


I started working professionally as a massage therapist during college and, though I enjoyed my biology studies and eventually finished a degree, at that time I thought I had found my life's work.  I felt such joy, and found myself totally present and energized by each session. 


Over time, I began to notice, in my heart area, an intelligence that seemed to relate to the deeper intelligence of my clients.  I called these sessions my "workshops in intuition."  I found that in the calm presence of the session, seamless communication transpired between myself and the client. 

The name Listening Hands was inspired by these intuitive "conversations".


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