Denise received her training in Swedish Massage, deep tissue work, Touch for Health, and Reiki in Los Angeles, CA beginning in 1976.  Much later, she found and was trained in Craniosacral Therapy ... more on that below.


After some life adventures, including working as a research scientist for 20 years (mostly at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles), she has been able to return to this profession which is dearest to her heart.


Actually, her training in Swedish Massage started much earlier, you may even say it's in her genes, because her Grandmother was a long time massage therapist, beginning in her native Sweden.


Denise polished  her massage skills, and received extensive deep tissue training, from the Hands on Healing Institute (HHI) in Tujunga, CA. where she now teaches.  She has also found additional venues for teaching and finds this very rewarding.

Through the Touch for Health Teacher Training program in Pasadena, CA, which she completed in 1978, she was introduced  to Chinese energy systems, meridian flow, acupressure and applied kinesiology.


Andrew Watson, a South African healer, introduced her to a dynamic study of the chakras using music, visualization and expressive drawing.  And most applicable to her current work, he led exploration and awareness exercises of  "off the body"  energetic layers which can be contacted similar to our physical skin.


Later, in her search for an energy modality which resonated with the subtler aspects of her developing practice, she took the Reiki 1 training.

Finally, it was when she read Franklyn Sills'  "Craniosacral Biodynamics"  in 2005, that she found the modality she was seeking.  He spoke of the body's "Intelligence" and  "Potent, Dynamic Stillness" - these she fondly recognized from her experiences in massage and life itself.  The book also spoke about tidal waves that moved in the body, which she had not yet experienced, but was delighted to discover later in the training.  What also drew her was the spirit and community of the pioneers and current practitioners of this work.  A spirit of humble and reverent exploration of the phenomena they were describing.


Traveling to Devon, England, she met Franklyn Sills and attended a beginning  Biodynamic Craniosacral workshop that he was leading.  "Settling ..., deepening ..., widening ...." were his calming words as he guided the practice sessions at his beautiful Karuna Institute.

Her search for the standard two year Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) training led to the Colorado School of Energy Studies.  She visited the school for a 3-day class and met Anna and John Chitty (the school's founder/director/teachers). Impressed, she completed their training for BCST in 2008 and continues to return for advanced classes.   More information and extensive resources can be found on the school's website


Denise now lives with her husband, two standard poodles and ever evolving garden in Temecula, CA.

California State Certification #42848 Massage Therapist





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